What is Your Workplace Like?

Do you feel like you are unable to speak up in meetings because you don't want to be ridiculed? Do you purposefully avoid certain people in the office? Does it seem like more time is spent gossiping than actually working? Do you feel physically ill or anxious about going to work every day?

Our workplaces shouldn't be like this. They don't HAVE to be like this. But we tolerate it, hope that things will get better, and even self-medicate ourselves to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. We mistakenly blame the organization's poor performance on outside factors like a poor economy, strategy missteps, or a co-worker's poor performance.

Insist on a Civil Workplace
A healthy work environment isn't something that only happens in textbooks, or at some fantasy ideal company has indoor basketball courts and slides. It can happen at any organization, no matter how big or small. But it needs an advocate; someone who will say, "We have to change this. Today."

Insist on a Productive Workplace
Exceptional employees will not stay in a dysfunctional organization. Many workers will spend time avoiding dysfunction or worrying about it rather than working. The financial costs of low productivity are real and can be measured in actual dollars, increasing your budget and your healthcare costs.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can enjoy coming into work again. Thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Have a greater understanding of each others' perspectives. A civil workplace can be a reality for your organization. Are you ready to make the culture change?

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Are you ready to insist on civility?