How We Can Help

Civility Solutions offers several programs to change your workplace culture. Each organization has different needs, challenges, and personalities, and the initial assessment will guide us to the best solution for your group. As you might imagine, remote Alaska peace officers have a different workplace culture than a suburban small church, and our programs are tailored to fit your organization. Plus, a workplace with a bullying problem needs a training program that emphasizes those behaviors, rather than a workplace that is bogged down with gossip.

What To Expect
You may already have an idea of what civility training might look like, and are already dreading an all-day, death by PowerPoint, or maybe the campfire Kumbaya, let's-hug-it-out-bro singalong. Quite simply, those methods won't work to create lasting cohesion and civility.

We are committed to providing a long-lasting, positive change for good. We promise laughter, thoughtful discussions, fascinating stories, and a great experience that makes four hours seems like one. For managers, leaders, and HR champions, you will receive extra training on how to maintain the momentum, including resource materials you can refer to if you feel that the culture is slipping back into old habits.

Breaking Habits
Many programs can remind you of the Golden Rule, which is to simply be nicer to one another. That lesson has been around for two millenia now, and it is probably not working in your organization. You will not overcome these entrenched behaviors with a half-day, "Be Nicer" seminar.

Instead, your organization has to break its old habits, and leadership has to commit to the change. The civility policies we have created will give you the tools you need to make a lasting, positive change in your workplace. Ready to speak to us directly? Click here to Contact Us

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