Examining your culture

Many school bullying programs are ineffective at reducing bullying behaviors, for various reasons. One assembly, 50 posters, and a couple of signs in the office are not going to change the culture at your school, and will quickly be ignored by the staff. Kids can see through a weak program, and may exhibit contempt for school authority and their policies (the opposite of what we all hope to accomplish).

Observations and Recommendations
If changing a culture were as simple as implementing an off-the-shelf policy, you would see a link here to our store, where you could purchase a "Fix Your School Kit" for three easy payments. However, real culture change takes more than that. Every school environment is different, based on the leaders at that school. A school with a reputation for tough discipline will need a different solution than one that is traditionally lenient.

Tailored to Your School
The fundamentals of our school bullying program are the same, but the leaders and champions of these programs are different in every school. We work with you to implement these policies in a clear, concise, and consistent manner, that work with your leaders' strengths. Our goal is to have you introduce a strong anti-bullying effort once, and to do it right the first time.

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How tolerant is your school to disruptive behaviors? How are they dealt with?