Reputation Management

You might not feel like a celebrity, but you should act like one. By that, we meant that you should guard your privacy, pay attention to what others are saying about you online, and control your public image. Why? If you aren't taking steps to present your best possible self online, people who search for you may find your most embarassing moments as your only moments.

Who is looking for me?
Employers, for one. In a recent Microsoft survey, over 70% of hiring managers reported an online search for potential new hires. What would they find out about you? Suddenly, the "herb friendly" line you thought looked funny in your bio (because of the overgrown mint field in your backyard) is now a permanent part of your identity.

College admissions staff are also looking online, in the hopes of winnowing down the thousands of applications they have received. If most of your photos feature you in a "woooo" moment with a red Solo cup, don't count on receiving an acceptance letter.

Potential mates are likely to do a web search for your name before a date. Will he or she stumble across a slightly racist Facebook posting that doesn't define you, but somehow is the #1 result on Google for your name?

Control The Narrative
You can control your image online, and what is said about you. Being cautious about what you post online is the first and easiest step. Search for your name online, and try to look at it through someone else's eyes. Try several different searches, including your city or state, especially if you have a common name.

If you don't like what you see, or think that a potential employer might find your image distasteful, you should actively change your image immediately. We say immediately, because it will take Google anywhere from 3 months to a year to change the results on the first page.

How We Can Help
Since 1996, members of our team have been working on search engine optimization for retail businesses, and their efforts have resulted in over $100 million in retail sales without the benefit paid advertising. The same principles apply to reputation management; get your message on page 1 and put your competitors on page 10.

10 Things You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management
This helpful Forbes article from 2013 covers the basics of online reputation.

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This shouldn't be the first photo that a potential employer sees.