Frequently Asked Questions

Our school needs help like this. What do I do next?
The first step is to contact us for an initial consultation. You can reach out to us via our Contact page, or visit our Consultations page to see what the first steps look like.

Our boss is not sure if a program like this will work, but I am. What should I do?
Programs will have a low chance of succeeding if the leadership is not committed to making it work. Many times, leaders can be persuaded if there is a separate program champion (like you) to handle the implementation. Our programs will actually save your organization money and time, after you invest a few hours for the startup. Call or email us for our free introductory packet, which details the benefits of insitituting civility policies in your organzation.

What does a typical training program consist of?
Most programs follow a similar path:

  1. With the initial consultations and logistics completed, we arrive onsite, and have a short meeting with your leadership and program champion(s).
  2. Presentation to the members of the organization (employees, students, etc). These can last from 1 to 8 hours, depending on the client's needs and size of the organzation. Larger organizations may require multiple days. Of course, we promise that these presentations will be fun, interesting, and memorable.
  3. Brief meeting with leadership and program champion(s) again, to reinforce the concepts, provide leave-behind materials, and assist with policy implementation.
  4. In the days after the event, several phone calls and emails are typical, to assist with implementation. Follow-up visits are uncommon, but they do occur. More commonly, a refresher visit is planned for the next year, either for all participants, or just the leadership.

What do I need you for? Can't I do this myself?
There are two ways you can implement a civility program. The first way is to do it yourself, with a few books that are available on the topic. Success can be found that way, but it is a difficult path. When you implement the program yourself, you are still subject to the same interpersonal dynamics that already plague your organization.

The danger is that you try to implement a civility program, it fails, and now you are stuck with the same unhealthy work or school environment, along with added contempt for the leadership in their efforts to solve the problem. This will make it more difficult to start a new initiative.

The second way is to hire an outsider to fix the problem. Automatically, you get the added benefit of having a third party come in who isn't emotionally tied into the drama, and can establish themselves quickly as an authority figure who can solve the organization's issues. You also have someone who can address your individual concerns, and can adjust the new policies to fit your needs, rather than applying a generic set of rules that don't always apply to you.

That sounds expensive. How much does all this cost?
The cost to implement a program is billed on an hourly basis, and most programs tend to take about 8 hours to complete. The number of hours depends on several factors, including the number of people in your organization, and how much existing policy review is needed. In some cases, union approval may be required, and we can assist with that process.

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