Cyberbullying - For Educators

What Can Be Done?
Cyber bullying has been an issue for over a decade now, but is still an open frontier in the legal world. Recent court cases have set limits on what schools can and cannot legally do to students who exhibit online bullying behaviors outside of school grounds. Policies that were written several years ago may be outdated today, and may be unenforceable. Has your policy been reviewed recently?

Keeping It Current
Your school policies should be up to date, along with your efforts to keep it fresh in the minds of everyone. Several schools reached out to us this past year when problems began recurring, mostly due to outdated materials, policies, and new students who had not been exposed to the cyberbullying programs. A one-page pledge signed at the beginning of the year (along with other behavior pledges) was not enough to prevent or reduce cyberbullying behaviors in these schools.

Cyberbullying on Wikipedia
Wikipedia offers a brief introduction and history on cyberbullying.

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95% of kids have Internet access at home. 90% of kids have Internet access at school.