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Civility Solutions was started by Dr. Michelle Bennett, who was inspired to apply the original bullying research for her doctoral thesis to organizations everywhere. The effectiveness of this research has been statistically proven to reduce bullying behaviors.

Dr. Bennett also serves as a Captain in the King County Sheriff's Office in Washington State, and regularly works with law enforcement organzations to implement workplace civility policies. As you might imagine, the office politics and tension in these organizations are exacerbated by the stress of putting your life on the line every day.

Civility Solutions has grown to a small team of experts in the fields of organizational psychology, education, reputation management, human relations, and public relations.

What We Do
Our goal is to change our culture for the positive, one organization at a time. A workplace that is free from bullying, gossip, and incivility is a happy and productive workplace, and the positive benefits are taken home as well. A school that is free from those same negative behaviors is one that produces better students and better lives.

How We Do It
You have probably attended dozens of presentations, with varying degrees of quality. Some of them were probably pretty good, and some of them were probably pretty bad, especially those that caused "death by PowerPoint". You know the type; 200 slides with seven or eight bullet points on each slide, with a generic stock background that never changes. Perhaps your speaker overwhelmed you with statistics, but never made that connection to actually reverse the tide of those statistics.

We promise a better experience, one that is visually interesting, funny, and filled with great personal stories. The presentations that people remember the most are the ones that had interesting stories. You will likely not remember the percentage of teens who text on a daily basis, but you will remember the firsthand story of a father who publicy reads aloud his son's sexting messages (it's a cringeworthy story).

What You Will Receive
You can expect to receive 100% of our attention and concern about your organization's issues. Civility Solutions is more than just a business distributing helpful advice about civil behaviors; it is the personal mission of everyone involved in this group.

You will receive easy-reading, concise materials to help reinforce what you learned, so the principles will last much longer than the few days after a presentation. Our goal is permanent, lasting change for the better. We offer follow up phone calls or visits with your program champion and leadership to make sure the program is working for you and your organization.

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Dr. Michelle Bennett