Civility Solutions does not charge for an initial consultation. Typically, requests follow the same path:

  1. An organization contacts us via email or phone requesting information.
  2. We answer initial questions, and set up a phone consultation if desired.
  3. We have a phone consultation of approximately 30 minutes to discuss the issues, and determine if we will be a good fit for your needs.
  4. Our program summary is mailed to the decision-makers.
  5. We trade several emails and one more phone call to discuss logistics, and arrange training times with participants.
  6. Most organizations require a one-day visit, but multiple days are also an option. On that day, our expert will speak with all of the stakeholders to thoroughly cover the program. Additional time will be spent with the program champion(s). Program materials are distributed.
  7. Two follow-up consultations via phone are common.

Of course, not every organization follows this path, but it is the most common one. During the phone consultations, we will work together to completely address your needs, including your organization's mandatory training policies or certification requirements, if they exist.

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